Offline and PR


We are narrowing the gap between the in-demand services above and below the line, and examining a brand's existing market reach while producing effective ATL and BTL marketing plans. 

1. Above the Line (ATL): It consists of advertising activities aimed at a big number of people. When a product is aimed at a greater range of clients, this factor becomes important. For instance, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and so on.

2. Below the Line (BLT): This refers to any promotional activities aimed at a specific group of potential customers. To create advertisements and creatively push tactics for a specific set of individuals, utilizing means such as direct emails and direct product presentations. Vertical banners, email and telemarketing, exhibitions, and so forth are examples.

ATL advertising can provide more reach-outs, but it is more expensive and lacks the focused approach to targeting that BTL delivers. People have switched away from large screens and toward compact 5-inch screens, which promotes BTL.

Sometimes we combine ATL and BTL to create TTL.

Through the Line (TTL): A marketing strategy that includes both above and below the line marketing. This method allows businesses to contact clients at various phases. For example, if a client sees a television advertising, hears a radio ad, receives an email, and sees a banner on the street corner, a combined strategy using several media is used to capture the customer's attention.


If your firm has created some interesting stuff, we can get you in front of the relevant media to
help you establish your expertise. As public relations professionals, we are concerned about your company's reputation.

We evaluate and develop our growth plan regularly, and set priorities to maximize your

Our PR potentials are as follows:

1. Online Reputation Management
Online reputation management is a specialized field of internet marketing that is becoming increasingly significant. Your internet reputation influences how people see your company when they search for or come across it online. We can help you or your company to achieve an actual impact to attract the right audience.

2. Crisis Management
When a company's reputation is threatened, We are all about controlling media coverage and connections. We convey the right facts and data to the public during a situation to prevent or minimize negative publicity that could unfavorably affect the success of your company.

3. Social Media
Social Media plays a critical part in a company's virtual presence on any social media platform. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, you may follow and be followed by journalists, or any of your customers. Where we can drive web traffic, handle challenges by responding swiftly to critiques or unfavorable views, and improve visibility for your business brand.

4. Media Relations
Media relations methods focus on distributing messages through media channels to control how your company is viewed in the media. We help you to build a target media list that allows you to advertise your brand, engage with consumers via email newsletters and send press releases.

5. Outreach
Attending or speaking at events where your clients are likely to be present strengthens your leadership position. Building your reputation as a business owner or leader strengthens your company's reputation and attracts new consumers. We help you pitch your story and to build a good relationship with the right audience.